Meet Angela

Angela Navacchi is a stay at home mum of 2, and self-taught baker, Angela’s passion for baking begin after her first child came along in 2006. The desire for celebration cakes and treats for her family throughout the years excited her, and gave her a highway to drive her creative mind on what creation she could bake up next.

Many years later, Angela was intrigued by the “often dreaded by most bakers” macaron.

It was difficult, technical, but oh so pretty and daintily delicious. Any challenge must be conquered in her eyes so after hundreds and thousands of practicing attempts, Angela perfected the macaron.

Now to add her special twist…

Vanilla Birthday Cake

Vanilla buttercream with a gluten free birthday cake surprise centre!

Grape Soda

Grape buttercream with a fizzy Pop Rocks surprise centre!

Buttered Popcorn

Silky, buttery, and salty Italian meringue popcorn buttercream!

Mango Passionfruit

Mango buttercream with a homemade passionfruit curd centre!